Black (and BIPOC) moms matter and resources to learn more

Here are the resources mentioned during this week’s podcast episode, including a link to the recordings from the Black Maternal Mental Health Summit from PSI Georgia. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Link to PSI Ga BMMH Summit recording:

And here’s a link to all of the post-conference resources:

Working Moms Against Guilt:

Path Forward :


*WombWisdom podcast :

Jameelah Nelson MD:

**We live for the We (Book)

Grady Trauma Project:

Mothering while black :

Expectful App :

**Irth App:

National Black Doula Association:

Black Womens health Imperative :

Black Mamas Matter Alliance:

Shades of blue project :

Postpartum support International :

**Reproductive Justice: An Introduction -

**Killing the Black Body:

**Reproductive Injustice:

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