Good Moms Have Bad Days (And Abortions)

Here are some resources for those seeking an abortion, those who are recovering from an abortion, and any other resources I could find/think of. Stay safe, be well, and be sure you’re registered to vote.



Here’s the New York Times article I referenced in the beginning: has a referral line and help line

Post-abortion support group through PSI:

As always, if you or someone you love is in crisis, you can text the National Crisis Text Line ‘HOME’ to 741741

For non-emergency help and resources, reach out to Postpartum Support International at 1-800-944-4773 or text ‘HELP’ to 800-944-4773

You can also call the National Maternal Mental Health HOTLINE (For emergencies and non) at 1-833-943-5746

If you have questions, concerns, need someone to vent to or want to share your story on the podcast, you can email me at or reach out to me on Instagram @goodmomshavebaddays

To follow Torrey, see her on Instagram @troublesomegirlstudios for all her amazing mothering stories and insanely amazing pins, prints and other goodies.

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