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Hi all! The book is now in podcast form, broken down by chapters and available on Spotify, Apple and Reason.

I’m starting season 2 this week with a deep dive into an MLM-adjacent mommy bootcamp experience that was HORRIBLE for my postpartum recovery, and is something I feel like a lot of women experience and don’t discuss because it’s kind of embarrassing.

It’s a long script, so I will share it here after the episode goes live in case there are links or things you want to look back up if you didn’t want to take notes while listening or wanted to remember something you heard.

I’m going to try and do that moving forward for the podcast, too, unless it’s an interview with a special guest. If you have any topics you‘d want to see discussed on the pod about issues relating to moms, please drop me a message. You can find me on instagram at GoodMomsHaveBadDays or email me at

Hope you’re all doing well - and sorry for the radio silence on the blog lately. It’s been a wild two years.

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***This is the script for this week’s Good Moms podcast episode. If you’d rather listen to it - just head to Apple or Spotify and search for “Good Moms Have Bad Days” The stories and experiences in th